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Arunodaya Trust  is a multidisciplinary Skill Development organization run by experienced and passionate professionals from diverse fields. Arunodaya Trust has seven verticals to look after its varied segments namely, (i) Government Projects -Developmental Consulting; (ii) Corporate Support Services ,Placements (iii) Engineering Consultancy ,Motivational /Technologies/ Languages/Cultural Works shop in Schools, Colleges, Universities (iv) CSR, Training and Skill Development ,Assessments  (v) BPO Services and (vi) Market Research &Survey (vii) Hardware & Networking Solutions

Arunodaya Trust provides Developmental Services in all spheres of agriculture, rural development, legal, health & family welfare and other social development sectors including conduct of Socio-economic Studies, Market Research, Techno-economic Feasibility Studies, Potential Surveys, Baseline Surveys, Poll/Public Opinion Surveys; Concurrent Monitoring & Impact Evaluation Studies of Social Sector Programs, Training/Capacity Building and Skill Development.

Arunodaya ‘s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services includes Customer Support/Call Centre Service, Technical Support Services, Telemarketing/Sales Support Services, Data Entry Services, Data Processing Services, Data Conversion Services, Form Processing Services, Internet / Online Web Research, Relationship Management, Content Management, Human Resources Outsourcing and Verification/Investigation Services. Arunodaya can push all such customized solutions catering to specific business needs of the client organizations, as may be required by them from time to time.

Arunodaya endeavors to provide excellent customer service to create significant value for our clients.  We believe in professionalism in every aspect of our work truly in sync with the corporate culture. We strive to understand the business sensitivities of our clients in each assignment and work in unison as an integral part of the client’s team to achieve success. Arunodaya at the disposal, the clients can focus all their energies towards core business processes/activities, diversification and expansion while we provide professional support in all the data management works and other peripheral activities including looking after routine administrative needs.  Needless to emphasize, we stand for quality, reliability and trustworthiness. Our credibility is our greatest strength.

The Market Research and Survey vertical is managed by a team of young professional researchers with core competencies in multiple niche areas. Arunodaya has built a good pool of committed and competent Field Investigators / Enumerators & Research Associates for the purpose of data collection, undertaking field visits, organizing awareness campaigns, distribution of I.E.C. materials, etc. These Field Investigators/Enumerators & Research Associates have been tried, tested and groomed with proven credibility established over a period of time through their association with some of the prestigious, challenging and sensitive assignments of All India nature that we had taken up all these years since inception.


To provide affordable, timely and high quality professional consulting services to individuals, business, government, non-government and community based organizations in agribusiness, rural development & other social development sectors and to deliver sustainable livelihood solutions for the poor, especially women, through appropriate technologies, institutional strengthening and market driven livelihood opportunities.


To emerge as the Most Valued Organization in the country in the field of developmental consulting, livelihood, legal solutions and corporate support service providers with a service base across every nook & corner of the country.


  • Concurrent Monitoring, Impact Assessment and Evaluation of Developmental Programs & Projects
  • Placement Services
  • Conduct of Baseline Surveys, Potential Surveys & Techno-economic Feasibility Studies
  • Agriculture and Horticulture Promotion activities
  • Agribusiness Development through Farmers’ Collectives
  • Strategic Planning, Formulation and Implementation of Developmental Projects in Rural Areas
  • Livelihood Support Services Skill Development  & Entrepreneurship Development
  • Microfinance & Micro-Insurance Operations, Financial Inclusion & Financial Literacy Programs
  • Micro-Enterprise Development and Management



  • We pride ourselves on making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our corporate clients
  • Our employment services encompass all levels of professional experience
  • Span a broad range of industries and companies.
  • We do so by taking the time to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each of our clients
  • We hold ourselves to extremely high standards of professionalism, integrity and accuracy
  • NGO / voluntary sector development and capacity building
  • Environment & Natural Resource Management
  • Management Information System (MIS) Development
  • Education, Health & Nutrition
  • Human Resource Development including Training Needs Assessment, Capacity Building, Skill Development & Up gradation
  • Organizational Development Interventions


  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Community Mobilization And Promotion of Organic Farming / New Techniques
  • Dissemination of Innovative Technologies for Farming
  • Productivity enhancement through increase in yields or reduction in costs



  • Capacity Building of Farmers through agricultural best practices for enhanced productivity
  • Providing Farm Advisory Services including real-time weather data, weather alerts, market information etc. through Information Technology (IT)
  • Arranging logistics from farm to market including Post Harvest Management, Storage and Transport infrastructure, Identifying Aggregators and linking Producer Groups to market
  • Development of Business Plan for agri-business projects
  • Conducting feasibility Study & Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  • Project Development & Implementation Support



  • Project formulation, appraisal and arrangements for financing in the RNFS activities
  • Development of clusters for sustainable economic activities in rural areas, particularly tribal and backward areas
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal
  • Social Mapping
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Monitoring and evaluation of small and medium-enterprise development programs and schemes
  • Skill Up Gradation and Capacity building of entrepreneurs, bankers, NGOs, etc. for taking up or promoting rural non-farm sector activities
  • Community Mobilization
  • Rural Entrepreneurship Management
  • Promotion of Appropriate Rural Technology




The development of skills for 500 million Indians in less than 10 years is not only a matter of national urgency; it is astounding in its scale. Thus far, the development of skills has been driven by the requirements of the market; while much progress has been made with considerable help from the private sector, it is a travesty that little has been done to understand the needs of the learners, who are at the heart of the skills development mission

Low labor-cost and a rich talent pool are distinct advantages available to India, clearly powering its global competiveness as a knowledge-based society. Education and training are both strategic necessities, which will deliver employment-enhancing skills, in turn increasing productivity and accelerating the future economic growth of the country.

Working with NSDC /State Skill Development Missions

  • Efforts to vocationalize education
  • Vocational skills in schools
  • Problems faced with vocational courses
  • Practical approach
  • Placement support
  • Where are we on skills
  • Who are the learner
  • What are the opportunities available to them?
  • How is the world doing it?
  • What is the way forward?



Arunodaya  strives to impact the lives of the poor by developing sustainable solutions for up scaling their income generation activities. We believe in partnering with key stakeholders in the sector in order to develop mutually reinforcing strategies and to bring convergence of competencies.

The major services provided in the livelihood sector are

  • Promotion of Livelihoods (Farm, Off-Farm, Non-Farm Livelihoods in rural and urban areas)
  • Technical Support Services
  • Livelihoods for Special Groups (Tribal, Disabled, Occupational Groups, Labor, Artisans)
  • Capacity Building (Training, Exposure Visits, Workshops, Module Development)
  • Institution Building (suitable institutional designs for collectives  services)


Arunodaya also provides support services to the following categories of organizations

  • Core agencies – NGOs, MFIs, Funding Agencies, Government Departments, CBOs, PRIs, Networks
  • Corporate agencies – Working or associated in the areas of livelihoods, rural markets and urban-rural markets, services and non-farm sectors

Some of the niche areas in which we provide support are

  • Action Research
  • Market Research, Market Surveys, Buyer / Seller Interface & Linkages
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Situational Analysis
  • Potential & Feasibility Studies
  • Community Mobilization
  • Preparation of Project Profiles
  • Cluster Development
  • Identification of Income Generating Activities, Management and Development
  • Capacity Building, Training & Skill Development / Up gradation



  • Promotion, nurturing and credit linking of Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Management of Savings and Credit Programs
  • Record Keeping and Account Maintenance
  • Identification of Income Generating Activities, Management and Development
  • Designing suitable location-specific operational model and prototypes for financial inclusion
  • Conducting research & evaluation studies relating to technological interventions for financial inclusion
  • Conducting promotional activities such as Seminars, Conferences etc. aimed at increasing technology adoption, effective management of assets, nurturing entrepreneurial capacity and increasing financial literacy
  • Training & Capacity Building of Bankers / Government officials / MFIs / NGOs / Business Facilitators / Banking Correspondents




  • Needs Assessment
  • Capacity Building Of Project Staff
  • Qualitative And Quantitative Research
  • Impact Assessment And Evaluation Studies
  • Communication Strategy
  • Advocacy Strategy
  • Community Mobilization
  • Sports Development
  • Cultural &Arts Development



  • Project Planning, Implementation & Management
  • Environment Audit
  • Impact Assessment
  • Environment Awareness
  • Waste Land Development
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Pollution Control & Mapping
  • Needs Assessment In Watershed, Social / Community Forestry
  • Value Addition of Minor Forest Produce
  • Market Research & Marketing Of Minor Forest Produce
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research


Recruitment of Field Investigators on PROJECTS / TRAINING CENTERS/ ASSESSMENTS

In addition to its own complement of Field Investigators, Arunodaya maintains a Data Bank of Field Investigators and Surveyors both male & female who can undertake with precision large scale surveys and field level interviews at any given point. Depending upon the needs and requirements of each assignment, the investigators and surveyors are selected from our available Data Bank who work under the overall supervision and guidance of the State and Regional Coordinators after due sensitization and orientation.

For Validation of Clusters/ Training Centers/ Assessments / Government, Private CSR Projects

Orientation Training

To ensure quality and completeness of data, orientation training of Investigators is extremely vital. For all consultancy or research projects, an orientation / sensitization program is organized for Field Investigators at the Government ,Private State / District  and Mandal level which is usually of 1-2 day duration or Months programs depending upon the scope & objectives of the study, terms of reference, sample size for field survey, number of stakeholders involved etc. Training also includes mock calls, on the spot checks, back-checks and consistency checks on factual information.


Monitoring Supervision


Each team functions under an experienced Field Supervisor/Team leader who provides necessary guidance and assistance to the Field Investigators. The Field Supervisor would accompany the team to the field for sample selection and interaction during the initial phase of survey. Thereafter, he conducts random spot checks and back checks on the interviews conducted for ascertaining genuineness and accuracy of data/information.


Workshops for Schools, Colleges & Universities


The aim of the proposed workshop in Technology, Arts ,Culture, Language is practical: By examining various approaches and modalities of cultural and intercultural learning through the prism of current pedagogical practices, we seek to redefine the goals of “cultural/intercultural/Technologies/Languages” teaching and reassess the role of the Students/Teacher/Facilitator within this new world of technological possibilities.

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