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Helping the Arunodaya Trust people to help themselves.


Arunodaya’s Shelter – A Home For The Destitute Children

How does the shelter take care of the destitute children? To being with, it provides food thrice a day to the children. Takes care of their clothing and offers medical care and sanitation facilities. Moreover, it indulges children in recreation activities that will keep them away from the streets. The organization helps spread awareness about the dangers that lurk on the streets and how to avoid them.

Elderly Home

Arunodaya Trust is proud to announce that we have reached one more new milestone with the launch of Elderly Home for neglected destitute elderly persons. The residents have been identified from different village of Rangareddy and Medak, Hyderabad of Telangana, India. Currently, twenty elderly men & women are sheltered in the home.

We aim to provide the best of care for the elderly people in the home. We seek to enhance the quality of health, self sufficiency in each and every individual and ensure a homely atmosphere.

The Old Age Home has two Dormitories, a big hall, hygienic kitchen and 3 toilets, and open space for recreation.

We are able to run this old age home with generous contributions from individuals like you, and corporate. You can donate in the name of someone, and for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversary to provide festive meals (Annadhanam) in our Elderly Home. People are welcome to come to the Elderly Home to  celebrate special occasions with the warm elders.


Health – Providing Knowledge To Combat Against Diseases (HIV/Aids)

HIV/AIDS victims. The number only seems to be snowballing into bigger. The state of Andhra Pradesh records the second largest number of HIV/AIDS victims. The chief reason for the spread of this disease is lack of knowledge and awareness. Furthermore, fear of society, stigma, and discrimination restrict the victim from seeking the right treatment at the right time. This only makes the situation worse; eventually HIV victims end up in a miserable state. Arunodaya understands the plight of these individuals. Accordingly, it has implemented many programmes that center on educating the society. With teachings in the areas of moral practices and forearming them with knowledge, Arunodaya concentrates on high risk groups like truck drivers, migrant workers and youth (15-25 years) who can emerge as high risk.

Treatment For HIV/AIDS Victims

Arunodaya in association with Nirikshana has been able to identify 75 individuals who are afflicted with HIV. With its regular medical camps taking place at customary intervals, the number would probable swell into something bigger. The patients will be given necessary nutritional and medical assistance. The cost of the treatment and other medical help would be borne by the organizations.

Medial Camps

Arunodaya conducts one medical camp in twin cities every month. First, it identifies pockets of slum areas which have dire necessity for medical attention. Once, it decides on a particular slum, a medical camp would be set up. One doctor assisted by two nurses will check up on the patients. Arunodaya has strong tie-ups with CBN and together they ensure the treatment of the patients at renowned Mediciti hospitals free of cost.


Education – A Lifeline For The Destitute Children

Because the poor mostly are illiterate, therefore, the most gullible. It’s sad though. Because no one plans to remain an illiterate intentionally. In most cases, it’s constraints like supporting the family financially right from childhood that rob the children off their dream of studying. Therefore, it is important to identify and assist such children. And give wings to their dreams. Make them excel in areas that they thought were insurmountable. By offering education we can assist them to stand in the society with their head held high.

Arunodaya has this issue at the core of its agenda. The organization provides education to the poor who can’t utilize opportunities because of financial restraints. It also provides food and shelter to these children. Arunodaya has also launched its own concept school which offers free education to orphans and destitute children. The concept school will begin its first academic year in June, 2010 and will have classes from pre-primary to high school.


Education is a powerful tool for introducing citizens of society to the systems government and the concept of governance.

For girls education means small and healthy family norms and substantial socio economic gains. In Andhra Pradesh Arunodaya has started an innovative project “CHILD LABOUR EDUCATIONAL SCHEME (CLES)” on education for working children has taken and enrolled more than 50 working children and were successful in providing them the primary education.It took more than three months to enroll a significant number. In the first month only 10 students joined and through them over a period of three months enrollments reached to 50 students in the age group of 6 to 14 years with 35 boys and 15 girls. Animators have been selected from the tribal community with basic high school qualification with orientation & capacity building on various approaches to education.

Tribal Education Scheme(TES)

Now a days people in the down trodden communities have been deceived by their master in receiving their daily wages, by the mediator in marketing their products, by the retail merchants in purchasing their daily needs. The main reason behind this is most of them are illiterates they don’t have minimum knowledge.

The only thing to saves them from those deceives is to educate them to the minimum required level. But that is not that much easy as said. They don’t believe and are not willing to follow.

At first we face much difficulty in approaching them, and to make them believe us.

We send our volunteers to those tribal tandas by train them how to approach them, and how behave with them.

Series of intensified trainings and consultations were organized in their tandas for the first half year with specific inputs on various approaches, communication skills, educative indoor and out door Games , local teaching resources, motivation Etc.

The weekly education and training classes are motivated them to keep them engaged in education during their spare time.

Other major attractions were the weekly contact center, few of them functioning in the community hall, under the tree and so on, giving the small gifts which are helping them to attract, each has really added value to their procession and the material inside in the tribal areas.

Further the educational aids, the games material and the camp for four days has boosted their morale and released their optimum potency in their group’s activities, competitions, cultural and educational; etc.



In computers will oversee these training sessions. The sessions will have detailed-curriculum that will help candidates to come to grips with computer languages. With 2 hours of training everyday they would be ready to take on the world within a short time.


Without a proper skill or expertise it is difficult to survive in this competitive world. For those interested in equipping themselves with such skills, Arunodaya offers Tailoring classes. A professional tutor will train students in an encouraging ambience to help grasp the nuances of tailoring. The session will last 2 hours everyday. Likewise, a Saree painting course, for hopeful candidates, which is also a good option for earning a livelihood, is available.

Spoken English

The reason many fail to land a job is due to lack of grip on English language. Arunodaya’s hopes to set this record straight. For those who are intent on supporting themselves, Arunodaya plans to lend a helping hand. Considering the importance of English in current situation, the organization offers Spoken English classes. Professionals who are well-versed with nuances of English language would be imparting classes to sharpen communication abilities of the students.


Arunodaya organizes a Day Care Centre for the slum children and adults. This centre will hold classes where they will impart the basics in education. The thought behind is to equip both children and adults with knowledge. Since the classes would take place in the evening from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm, even children and adults who work in the daytime can attend these classes. Professionals who understand the psychology of these individuals would be drafted to teach and mould these individuals so they can look forward to a better future.

Women And Prostitution

Women never intentionally turn to prostitution as a profession. Pressurizing circumstances often drive them to unwillingly embrace this dreaded profession. Superstitions, meaningless traditions, illiteracy, financial crises, corruption, discrimination and other practices compel them to accept something that they would avoid if an alternative is available. In fact, Andhra Pradesh is said to be a hub of prostitution.