Arunodaya’s Shelter – A Home For The Destitute Children

shelter to protect them from evils that stark the streets. Apart from extending timely medial aid, the staff will motivate street children into transforming their lifestyles. In this regard, the organization will work in tandem with police and other related officials to ensure safety and security of the child. To ensure an overall smooth transition of the process, the organization implements various steps to wean the child away from the street. .


  • The organization slowly builds a relationship of trust and companionship with the street children It monitors every child who enters the shelter by recording his/her bio-data and family background
  • It keeps a track of experiences the child undergoes and records the same for case studies
  • It keeps a record of missing children’s information reported by parents and corresponds with them if the situation demands

Arunodaya’s Shelter

How does the shelter take care of the destitute children? To being with, it provides food thrice a day to the children. Takes care of their clothing and offers medical care and sanitation facilities. Moreover, it indulges children in recreation activities that will keep them away from the streets. The organization helps spread awareness about the dangers that lurk on the streets and how to avoid them.

Arunodaya’s Shelter – A Home For The Destitute Children

For a child to stay healthy and in a good frame of mind always, he needs to have a healthy and protein filled diet. Arunodaya ensures that the child gets healthy food on time, every time. The following are a few points in the child’s diet chart.

  • Three varieties of dhal i.e., Toor, Moong (Green gram) and Chana (Bengal gram) are given on alternative days
  • Chicken or 2 eggs are issued twice a month on alternative Sundays
  • On non-vegetarian days, vegetarian children are issued 50 gms of sweet each
  • Leafy vegetables such as Agathi, Palakura, Gongura, Thotakura etc. is issued once a week
  • On national and festival occasions, sweet dishes are provided for all children

Re-Orientation Camp

Arunodaya takes the following steps to re-orient the child

  • It instills discipline in a child by helping him follow a pre-set timetable
  • It attracts and tries to retain the attention of the child by engaging him in interesting recreational activities
  • It nurtures an atmosphere of affection and care for the child so he isn’t attracted temptations of the street
  • It helps in guiding the child towards rehabilitation by offering education, vocational and other trainings which could help him rebuild his future


  • The first and foremost objective at the rehabilitation centre is to motivate the child to return home if the atmosphere at home is favorable and child-friendly.
  • Since the decision to leave the street is a personal choice, the organization will provide guidance and.

Round-The-Clock Shelter

Arunodaya plans to have a round-the-clock shelter for orphans semi-orphans and street children. These children can walk into this shelter without any fear from anyone. The shelter will take care of the children’s basic necessities. Necessities such as food, medical care, clothes and recreation facilities will be provided for. A 24-hour shelter is essential for the children to keep away from the temptations as well as a perilous lifestyle on the street. At the shelter, apart from providing the basic necessities, the child is introduced to literacy and other programmes that would be of great help to the child in future.