STeP Twin E Learning Programme


The organization since 2008 intervened social work in Balaji Nagar(V), Jawahar Nagar(GP), Shameerpet (Mandal),Ranga Reddy(Dist) the total population is around 1.5lkahs and it is major gram Panchayat in Andhra Pradesh. in Shameerpet Mandal, Jawahar Nagar(GP) As majority 90% population are from below poverty line, We are Voluntary organizations working in the field come across problems in Balaji nagar slum and surrounding areas. Majority of the population in the areas have discontinued their education due to financial constraints and there are 14 slums in surrounding   Balaji Nagar.

The basic reality of youth showing interest in Smile twin E-Learning Program is to get change in their life and have better outcome of their future and sustain their family with good living conditions. Since the inception of the program many youth turned up and got into reasonable good jobs were they are able to fulfill their basic amenities and they are very much happy about the STEP program.

Many youth who have completed the course are living in better conditions and able to lead they family and in some situation they are becoming the major bread earners of the family and the parents are also very happy for the STEP program introduced in Balaji Nagar Slum area.

Program Description: 

  1. English speaking
  2. Personality development
  3. Basic & retail management
  4. Basic computer


The stated objectives of the organization are as below:

  • Educate, train and motivate people to be of help and assistance to the poor and the needy
  • Undertake social service schemes for the benefit of the poor, orphaned, destitute, street children, alcoholics, drug addicts, the differently able, mentally challenged and those suffering from terminal diseases
  • Establish, equip, maintain, conduct, run, develop, improve and extend trade cells, cottage industries, production units and the like for the benefit of the poor, marginalized, neglected and the differently able.
  • Cooperate with the government and non-governmental agencies in carrying out charitable and relief work
  • Organize and assist in organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, conventions, conferences, workshops, etc. on subjects of academic interest
  • Establish, equip, maintain, conduct, run, develop, improve and extend hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, medical laboratories, research units and other institutions offering treatment, cure, rest, recuperation and medical relief including relief to the differently able and the mentally challenged
  • Provide food, clothing, shelter and cash grants to the poor, the orphaned and others in need and make grants for the support of inmates of orphanages, rescue homes, rehabilitation centers and similar institutions.
  • Work in partnership with and support other groups and organizations who subscribe to these aims and objectives

Community Mobilization:

Mobilization is carried out during the month for the course starting and before final examination of the batch for the next batch the mobilization would be done through door to door survey through pamphlets, flex banner and banners.  The Arunodaya Trust STeP voluntaries went to our focusing slum area groups like Gabilalpet, Nandhamuri Nagar, Shanti Nagar, Balaji Nagar, Dumping Yard, CRPF and surrounding slum area we have already planning. While our voluntaries doing their mobilization in those areas that same time they distribute pamphlets door to door in that Mobilization area. We have already very good relationships with local slum area leaders so we take their help for our STeP center mobilization. In that mobilization part we using flex and banners at selected centers. In mobilization part we also gave guaranty for complete development of personality, enhancement of multi-skills within students, also those students who secure 80% attendance during the training program. Receive 100% job placements a certificate by the Microsoft holdings is also given at the end. We hope through this mobilisation we reach so many needy and so many under privileged youth at our nearest slum areas.

Community based mobilization

The community intervention of Arunodaya is a strong base for mobilizing students to the course. Information is disseminated to the community through fliers and at the meetings of women groups and youth groups.


Advertisement is placed on local TV channel and newspaper. For the coming term, local TV, news papers has been contacted. 

Alumni of the Centre

Students who have completed the course inform others in their community and refer students.

ENROLMENT PROCESS Interested candidates are asked to send in their application. The applications are verified and the candidates who fulfill the criteria are invited for an interview. A test is conducted and the candidates are interviewed. Based on this the candidates are selected and enrolled.


Weekly tests are conducted and assessed. Special attention is provided to students who score low grades and they are assisted to improve their performance. Final examination is conducted towards the end of the course.

STeP e- learning Program Success Stories.

Premalatha  used to stay with her mother, father, four sisters and a brother at Balaji Nagar which is 10 far away from Secunderabad. At that time her father was working as a farmer on a landlords’ farm and his earnings were the only source of income for the family.

At a tender age, while she was in the primary school, she lost her parents. The family lost its only earning member and slipped into uncertainty and poverty. At this point her Uncle requested the Landlord to take Prema Latha to Secunderabad where she could work for them. As fate would have it she left her home with the Landlord and landed up at his Secunderabad home to work as a helper. When she was 17, through one of her friends she came to know about the Life Skill Training Unit of STeP e- Learning Program  at Arunodaya Trust. Thus, through her own efforts she sought admission in the STeP E- Learning Training.

She was a slow learner in the beginning and very soft spoken. But after a few months and counseling sessions she started working fast and became active towards her modules.

After finishing her 6 months training she applied for a 3 months internship in a company as an intern which is a part of the course. She was selected by the Carpone, a renowned unit of Secunderabad, as a Data Entry Operator on a Package of 6000/-. The organization is in touch with her and is regularly monitoring her progress and growth.

She acknowledged with gratitude – “I would like to thank Arunodaya Trust- STeP E-Learning  Training Unit for bringing this change into my life and making me self-dependent”.

The Company – Carpone Report has commented that Prema Latha is a good candidate and that they are satisfied with her performance and offering her a full time job in the same company with the increment as per Company Policy.

In 2010, Smile Foundation  established their Training Center at Arunodaya Trust  in Secunderabad to provide vocational training to the local community through skills development and enterprise related services, in the scope of the STeP e- Learning  Program.


Swathi Goud  lives in Balaji Nagar village, Secunderabad, with her father (a businessman), mother (a housewife), and three brothers. Swathi’s older brother, Neeraj, enrolled in the vocational training course and helped Swathi to enroll in on basic computer skills course.

At first, Swathi’s parents were not supporting the idea that she was take part in such training, but, once they realized all the benefits of such a training, encouraged her. Soon after, Swathi’s sister-in-law also enrolled as well.

She attended the training session learning about Computer Fundamentals, Windows, MS-Office, Internet, topics based on the T-Tools Curriculum topics. She studied with enthusiasm and passed the exam with great success. After finishing this training, she did a Tally course at the center and spent her free time helping new trainees.  She is now placed  at Asian Heart Institute as a Accountant and now earning 6500/- p.m. I never expected that with very little education getting placement in this competitive world. I am  very much thankful to Arunodaya Trust and Especially Smile Foundation – SteP e- learning program for changing my life.


Vinay Kumar’s father was an ex-serviceman, whose pension was the only source of income for the large joint family. Being extremely difficult to fulfill the needs of each family member, Vinay was uncertain what her future would be after finishing high school. .

In spite of all the difficulties, Vinay worked hard at academics and always secured a good rank in every class; even in class X she secured 77%. Wanting to study further she explored many options and heard about the Arunodaya Trust STeP e- learning Programme. He applied for and was inducted into the Programme.  The STeP e-learning program  gave helped enhance her strengths and Interests. She strongly believes that, “the guidance of her  Instructors totally changed my life. and the workshops, camps and educational tours helped me gain confidence too.”

For Vinay, apart from the financial help, the mentoring and motivational support was crucial in “my overall development.”

Now I am placed in SK security and allied services Pvt Ltd, Secunderabad and supporting my part of Rs 9000/- a month. Every month when I hand over my pay I can see tears of joy in the eyes of my Parents. Lots and lots gratitude to Arunodaya Trust & Smile Foundation for being with me in difficult situations.


Twenty year old Sudha always has a smile on her face, no matter what the circumstances. But beyond her happy-go-lucky attitude there was another reality. Before joining the STeP e-learning programme, Sudha wasn’t sure if her dreams would come true. The eldest of 3 siblings, Sudha was keen to pursue Law as a profession. However, her father, being a painter, with limited income, was not able to afford the cost of the specialized education. Determined not to let the family’s economic difficulties come in the way, after completing Class X Sudha enrolled herself at the Arunodaya Trust, STeP e Learning Center (Secunderabad),  which she heard about from a friend. She joined course as well as the three month Spoken English. Soon after completing the course, she was placed as an Tele Caller in a MNC, by the placement cell at Arunodaya Trust. As she says with a smile lighting her face, “Today me & my family are living with pride & my mother was very happy when I got my first salary.” Sudha is now confident that she will pursue her specialized studies carving a bright career for herself.